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Welcome High Roller Apes!

The High Roller Ape Club is 1,500 digital collectible ERC721 NFT's on the Ethereum blockchain that will soon be a game.

Your High Roller Ape Club NFT grants you access to our new game!

We've hand drawn 200+ traits so that your ape is guaranteed to be unique.

How it started?

High Roller Apes have infiltrated Las Vegas and they spare no expense to have a good time.

Some have hit it big and you'll see them sporting luxury traits and accessories! 

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Phase 1

We will deploy social media channels, discord and marketing teams to bring awareness to High Roller Ape Club. We are spending thousands on marketing to ensure the project gets the attention it deserves! Including hiring community managers and securing celebrity endorsements to back the project.


Phase 2

We will launch various giveaway campaigns to grow our social media following and Discord channel. As a community we want to incentivize everyone to get involved for the future success of the project. Put in the work and with a bit of luck perhaps you'll hit one of the Jackpots!


Phase 3

Once we establish solid community numbers we will reveal all of the details for our BIG launch! Including mint price, quantity available, date, time and more. We will give whitelist holders a chance to mint early. You'll want to make sure you're able to claim a whitelist spot so that you don't miss out. We are aiming for an affordable mint price and a supply that makes High Roller Ape's rare!


Phase 4

Reveal the Apes! Once we have reached sellout of the project which we expect to happen QUICKLY... We will reveal your High Roller Ape Club NFT! What unique traits will your Ape have? All Apes are unique and rare in their own way, no two Apes are alike as we there are over 200+ hand drawn traits.


Phase 5 - WAGMI?

Future utility is the most exciting part about High Roller Ape Club. We are working on developing a game.



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